No

Any books in "good" used condition are acceptable. Most used books will fall into this category. A "good" book will not have any of the following issues:

  • Damaged bindings

  • Missing covers

  • Water damage

  • Missing components (CDs, Online Access)

  • Excessive writing/highlighting

Most "well used" books still have value, just not as much. When your book arrives, we will review it. If any of the above issues are found, we will pay you a generous percentage of the quoted used price. If you have a question regarding the condition of your book, feel free to contact us.

Unfortunately, we cannnot accept the following:

  • Counterfeit textbooks

  • International editions

  • Annotated instructor's editions

  • Free (or complementary) copies

  • Professional copies

  • Review copies

  • Books missing pages

  • Workbooks with more than 5 pages of answers filled in

Note: Please check your textbooks for black tape. This is often used to cover up the fact that the book is actually an instructor's edition.